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About us

We operate in the global market for over 9 years. We have long time experience in security services all around the world (Asia, Europe, USA, Australia). Our company also operates in a difficult conditions, for example escorting a VIPs in a war zone (Iraq, Kurdistan). Thanks to such a huge and rich experience, we offer our clients services of the highest standard.

Our professionalism is appreciated by VIPs all around the world:
The royal family of Saudi Arabia, Ambassadors residing in France and the UK, Ambassadors of the European Council In addition to our extensive experience, professional and well-trained staff we must also emphasize the flexibility of our agency and our adaptation to all conditions. Thus, we provide world class services tailored to the needs an expectations of our customers.

Our agency also protected the concerts of such stars of the world music as Rihanna or the Spice Girls. Numerous received thanks and testimonials confirms our professionalism and effectiveness.

Our Company’s range

VIPs protection

Security Audit

The process of VIP protection begins from the security Audit. It covers eliminating all kinds of risk, such as explosives and wiretaps located within the home, office, hotel, and in their neighborhood. We also exactly analyze the topographic environment in which the guarded client lives ,as well as any risks on the route of VIP’s movement and wherever our presence is necessary. The audit shall include strategies and routes planning from each location to hospitals, police or the embassy.

The protection

On the basis of the audit result and your opinion we make up a team of 5 Protection Agents along with a professional driver. Their sole job is taking care of your safety all the time, regardless of the situations and circumstances. We also provide non – conventional protection e.g .: deployment of a Security Agent or driver which ensures your safety while remaining “invisible” himself. All of our agents have high skills in combat as well as the use of different weapons types including firearms, which is standard equipment on every Protection Agent. Our drivers are guaranteed to leave the danger zone due to the high qualifications and ability the offensive and defensive driving and using the car as a weapon.

The car

On your request we will provide you with any vehicle designed to transport in the hazardous conditions. Our cars are prepared to be used as weapons as well as to the defensive and offensive driving.

Property protection

Our agency deals with the comprehensive property protection. Our work at the object begins with an analysis of the needs for adequate property protection and security, through the choice of technology and the number of staff necessary for proper security of the site and providing qualified staff to supervise the facility.

We use the latest technologies for objects monitoring as well as security personnel. Each of our employees is equipped with a personal GPS location system so that you have constant supervision over the protection process. Furthermore every our lodge is equipped with an independent monitoring system using LTE cameras.

We also provide: Security Audit – elaboration of the current level of security description of the facility and working out a number of changes aimed at increasing the level of safety. The ad hoc or permanent protection (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

We protect public buildings, facilities of mandatory protection, hospitals, office buildings, schools, private businesses, commercial buildings and many others.

Mass events protection

As one of the leading Protection Agency we begin mass events protection from careful analysis and working out a security map of the area. This involves the place reconnaissance, topography analysis: area, buildings, access to hospitals, police stations, embassies, etc. We prepare accurate event documentation and rules, we care about the artists safety from the their arrival to the party, until the departure. We verify people arriving on the object , co-operate with the medical services supporting the event, serve parking zone for the participants, organize deposit of an audio-video equipment, assemble engineering, and develop an efficient evacuation plan.


We are one of the few Protection Agencies, which organize the advanced security personnel trainings, including modern systems of self-defense, combat using KRAV MAGA martial arts which is based on natural human reflexes, reinforced in training, which allows for faster and more efficient operation of neutralizing an opponent.

Storm Gray Unit LLC is not only Protection Agency. It is also a company taking care on the safety which for many years cooperates with the Association of KRAV MAGA a Poland in organizing of activities throughout the country. These courses are organized mostly in weekends and aimed for a specific form of defense against the threat of knife and defense against a rape attempt. In addition, we organize multi-day courses of KRAV MAGA base (20 – 30 hours), improving courses of different levels of sophistication, courses and training for the uniformed services and the formation of the protection of all levels and classes, including the fight against small and long arms for beginners and advanced.


Our experts on monitoring and technical security guarantee you the highest level of security. With many years of experience in the latest technologies, we provide our customers with the level of safety and comfort unparalleled to date.

We offer:

  • Alarm Systems
  • Anti-theft sensors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Gas Sensors
  • Temperature and flooding sensors
  • Anti-seizure keys and remote controls, medical lights
  • Access control systems
  • Door intercommunication systems, video intercom systems, devices with built-in sensor which allows opening the doors and gates without a key
  • Systems CCTV
  • Hidden cameras with access to the internet
  • Technical fire protection systems
  • Devices and cables certified CNBOP
  • DSO Sound Warning Systems
  • Smoke removal systems
  • Remote control systems
  • Intelligent Access Systems

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Property protection

Mass events protection

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Contact with us

Storm Gray Unit LLC

Our Office: ul. Moniuszki 26A, 41-902 Bytom

Open: Monday – Friday from 9.00 a.m. till 02.00 p.m.

Seat: ul. Okrężna 114/5 41-500 Chorzów

mobile: +48 509 795 305
mobile: +48 509 795 405

Concession number MSWiA: L-0145/11

Tax Identification Number: 676-240-66-89
National Court Register: 0000338497
REGON: 121032489